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    Funky colourful hippy & festival clothing.

    We are a small family business based in the West Midlands, established in 2006. We stock fairly traded clothing and accessories from suppliers in the UK, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal.  Trading at festivals and events around the country,  over the years we have amassed a beautiful range of colourful, unusual and alternative, hippie, gothic,boho,pagan and festival clothing. We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of clothing which includes Plus size clothing,

    Tie dye, Feary dresses, Harems, Dungarees, Jergas  and hundreds of other FANTABULOUS funky items. 

    *Join us on Facebook, and keep up to date with the latest discounts, sales and other news.

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      Our ever increasing range of funky, hippy and bohemian plus size clothing. Beautiful and unusual clothing for the curvier lady, we are all different and we all deserve to wear what makes us feel happy. 

      Embrace the curves !

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          Bags and purses

          Sale items

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            Tie dye is the freedom to express yourself, to experiment, and be creative. It is literally psychedelic art. It is the first thing we think about when we talk about hippy clothing, and here we stock hippy clothing in dark  and super bright tie dyes, in everything from tee shirts , harems,skirts and even faery dresses. 

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              Our Hippy Stall.

              We set up various structures to suit the venue trading at indoor and outdoor events all around the country, we put a lot of time and effort making the stall safe, funky and colourful.

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